MIKEY FISHBONE - Manager/Curator. 
Mikey’s exploration of fine beverages began in the summer of 2006 after completing his freshmen year at Roger Williams University, and continues with the same enthusiasm and momentum it did a decade ago. From writing beer-centric chemistry papers in college, to brewing and cellaring professionally at DC Brau and Flying Dog Brewery after completing the World Brewing Academy at Siebel Institute, crafting literal "farm-to-glass" cocktails for Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and managing complete bar programs for beer-focused restaurants in NYC, this dude has made his life all about fermented liquids. Here at Brew & Co., he's brought his experience and academic perspective on beer and cider to preserve balance and understanding of all styles in today's highly polarized beer climate.

Matt Zielinski - Assistant Manager/Graphics 
As a graphic artist, it is no surprise that Matt first gained an interest for craft beer in college by selecting the bottles with the most intriguing labels. After a couple rounds at the store and pages of notes, Matt began to develop a palate and form preferences. His emerging interest in beer have even lead him to design the branding of his own imaginary breweries (hopefully one day non-imaginary!). Through the never-ending supply of differing styles in the shop, Matt is learning more about beer every day. If you’re looking for beer recommendations, good vibes or to talk about last night’s game or fight, Matt is a great guy to talk to. 


Bro Namath -  
He gets the best barrels; Bourbon Barrels, brandy barrels, rum barrels, Calvados barrels, Cali GSM barrels, gin barrels, you name it! Whilst sampling libations fresh from the barrel, he smacks the lip. HWAHPAHHH!!! He drops down. BRJAHHHAHHH! He continues to ponder the qualities of each barrel and how it imparts unique fruity/spicy top notes and woody undertones until he GETS PITTED! So pitted. Like that!