Cask Night Member Price:
$18 (+ tax) Per Person

Non-Member Price:
$30 (+tax) Per Person

Current partner breweries include: Barrier Brewing, ICONYC Brewing, Greenpoint Beer & Ale, Mill House Brewing, Catskill Brewery, District 96 Beer Factory, Peekskill Brewery, B. United imports, and Captain Lawrence. More to come!


• Join the club and enjoy gravity-poured cask ale, as fresh as you’ll ever try it, to your exacting specifications!

• A growing number of quality breweries in our area have agreed to fill casks for us, based on what YOU vote for them to fill it with!

• Cask Night is held on the last Thursday of each month, unless it conflicts with a national holiday or larger event.

• Replacing 'Beer Lovers Club,' Cask Night was introduced to give patrons more ownership of their beer and to help celebrate this historic method of conditioning and serving beer.

• First, thirsty participants like you vote on which beer goes into the cask. Then they vote on what the cask is dry-hopped with or which spices/herbs/fruits or other adjuntcs go into the sack! The brewer then fills the cask to those specifications, and after 2 – 3 weeks, we get our fresh, custom cask hand delivered from the brewery! Bada bing howyadoin howyadoin'!?!

• On Cask Night, people who prepaid for their share of the cask weeks prior will have unlimited access to the cask the night that it is tapped. If there is beer left over at the end of the night, patrons who stick around can empty the rest of the cask into their growlers. We will determine the evening of which amount of beer each person can take with them.

• We tap the cask at 6pm and we drink it until it kicks! 

• As Cask Night grows in popularity, we will have the purchasing power to take in multiple casks. Join the party!


• If you cannot make it to cask night, but you already prepaid, you can send a friend to take your place. We will not offer refunds under any circumstances. You may also leave a couple 32oz growlers with us to fill for you. 

• Cask Night members must have a card on-file, which is charged on the 15th of every month for $18+tax.

• Growler fills are not allowed until 9:00pm - when we know that there will be enough left over beer for caskers still enjoying the party.

• If a beer that wasn’t your first choice gets picked, tough luck, pal! That’s what happens when people vote. Such is life. Don’t worry, it’ll be good. We'll make sure of it!